Monday, 2 April 2012

You know you're getting older when...

...the random topics of drunken conversations start to include knitting, dry rot and the bridges of the Firth of Forth. And this, my friends, was amongst a bunch of ‘ladies’ (I use the term loosely…) Of course our conversation was not devoid of the standard girl-chat - shoes, shopping, weddings, proposals and babies all made an appearance alongside these fascinating new subjects. Heading home before midnight was another sign but, in defence of our street-cred, we had been out since lunchtime and we'd discussed former drunken escapades, and hangovers we've known and loved, at length, so perhaps that helped spark a sense of self-preservation.
As I stare down the barrel of another birthday (I like diamonds and ponies by the way - just saying...), it's only natural to take stock and do a little mental MOT. What's changed? Am I growing old (dis)gracefully as I've always intended? I'm not the type to mourn the passing of another year. I've taken each phase of my life as it's come - they all have their pros and cons after all. I like being in my thirties, for instance, because I'm more comfortable in my own skin - even if it is starting to wrinkle (and sag) a little - but obviously, on the flip-side, I do have to be more careful to avoid throwing a hip. 
There are various indications that I've gained a little more sense recently. I've started drinking decaf tea in the evening (rock n' roll!) and have been keeping a much better handle on my finances (note the ‘better’ - there's still room for improvement). But, just as I'm starting to bore myself, there are encouraging signs that a fun-loving eejit is still alive and well in me, like;
  • drinking canned cocktails in the park on a Tuesday afternoon (I blame the unseasonal sunshine that has now abandoned us once more – was it a mojito-induced mirage?),
  •  watching far too much mind-numbing TV (curse you Tyra!), and
  • impulse-buying on eBay (but a Mulberry is an investment – see earlier note re finances).
I'm getting older much faster than I'm getting any wiser, but it's generally heading in the right direction (ish) and I don't see the point in putting too much pressure on myself to get overly sensible - it's dull and life's too short.

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