Saturday, 14 April 2012

Network socially now children

A friend handed Facebook its P45 this week, citing the fact that being on there was hindering his picking up the phone for a real conversation. Fair dues. At the risk of swerving dangerously into corporate twaddle, we all need to examine our methods of communication every so often. So I asked myself; are you networking socially? Let’s see…
Well I’m not giving up Facebook any time soon. My FB buddies make me laugh at least once a day – that can only be a good thing. I know it sucks plenty (too much) of my time and it’s no replacement for proper conversation. But until my ginger powers are developed enough to allow me to zoom around the globe for a catch-up, Facebook will have to do (…and in the meantime I might start wearing my keks over my tights to see if that kick-starts anything).
See I’m not a big fan of talking on the phone. I love a good chat, but the phone is not the same. Thank god (and Steve Jobs) for FaceTime. My better half is away a lot <sad face> and being able to see him while we chat makes a HUGE difference. They say as much as 80% of communication is non-verbal (check me with the stats!) and given the amount of time we spend making faces at each other I reckon that’s very true.
The vision that greets my Mr on FaceTime - no wonder he's away a lot...
My latest online love is Pinterest (the fastest-growing social network site ever – another petit snippet for you fact fans). Any opportunity to admire, and covet, pretty things is welcome in my world. I do wonder whether I’m in the honeymoon stage with it, and if I’ll still be pinning up a storm in six months time. I suspect I will, for the photography alone. And it gives the creative bit of my brain a little treat, breeding ideas for work.
Speaking of work. LinkedIn gets a very honorable mention given it was instrumental in bagging my last job, and meeting the lovely people I did in said job - including some real proper friends. Very social, I think you’ll agree.
Now Twitter is not so social. I follow a lot of comedians so it’s basically free stand-up for me. That said – I popped my online debate cherry on Twitter the other eve and it was rather fun, but definitely not as much fun as a proper discussion, in the pub, with real people.
I’ll take face to face over online any day, but when faces are far away and sites can provide a link and a giggle, that’s social enough for me in the meantime.

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  1. Of course I'd pick the phone up and say this is well written but you wouldn't appreciate it :)