Saturday, 26 May 2012

Whatever the weather


We are obsessed. The temperature in Singapore only varies by about 5 degrees throughout the year (one for the fact-fans!) I wonder what they talk about? When I was there a few years ago I was amazed by the local’s indifference to the weather, particularly the treacly humidity. I know they’re used to it, but it was 28 degrees, with about 90% humidity, and they were wearing jeans and boots. I would have been nothing more than a ginger puddle.
Further north in the hemisphere, we can’t stop talking about it – come rain or shine. Maybe it’s because we get so much weather. Or maybe we just like a bit of drama when it’s ‘freezing!’ (anything less than 5 degrees) or ‘roasting!’ (anything more than 15).
It’s all relative. Our best summer days still pretty chilly to some of our tourists and I love seeing the bemused looks on their faces when we’re all flip-flopping around with our newly-exposed white bits glowing as they huddle deeper into their scarves. On the flip side, visitors from colder climbs must find our inability to deal with more than an inch of snow hilarious.
I’m sure there must be some geeky stats somewhere about the amount of time we spend on our favourite subject, and it’s time well spent in my view. This idle chit-chat brings strangers together, unites colleagues and neighbours, and, in the case of our lovely local seller Tony, helps shift Big Issues – he loves a bit of weather chat.
These last couple of weeks have provided us with a smorgasbord to celebrate and bemoan. Just last week we were revelling in a good whinge about the rain and cold, and this week we’ve enjoyed the rare and exquisite pleasure of a whole string of sunny days. Supermarket shelves have been stripped of their sun-cream, sausages and shiny new BBQs. Pasty torsos have been unleashed on a unsuspecting public (my eyes!) and shares in Pimms have sky-rocketed (I imagine – when anyone mentions stocks and shares I have to fight the urge to shout ‘buy, buy, buy’ into a fake phone, such is the extent of my knowledge on the subject).
Today I’ll be amongst the sun-worshippers; bare feet up, shades on and summery beverage in hand. But fear not, I will be enjoying it all responsibly – factor 500 shall be applied to avoid the sizzling of ginger skin and my pasty torso will remain under wraps. The big JC clearly fancies himself as a comedian ...and on the second day, he made pink and orange people.


  1. This post touched the spot! Sometimes talking about the weather or 'the flood', which was nearly a year ago, or the earthquake is like well-worn paper and overplayed radio songs. Your post helped me realize that these topics introduce us to 'strangers' and help provide a sense of community, if only temporarily, which I believe has been lost in much of today's world.

  2. Thanks todamow - didn't realise I would inspire such profound thought! ...nearly said 'profanity' there. That would have been the wrong expression... ;)